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O'Connor Strategic Partnership with Acorn Appraisal - Oct 8, 2014

October 8, 2014

O'Connor Strategic Partnership with Acorn Appraisal - Oct 8, 2014

Patrick O’Connor Completes Strategic Partnership with Acorn Appraisal

HOUSTON,TX (October 8, 2014)— Patrick O’Connor, President of O’Connor & Associates, one of the largest real estate research, valuation and consulting firms in Texas, today announced a partnership with Acorn Appraisal through the formation of O’Connor Residential Appraisal Partners, LLC. Acorn Appraisal executives Ken Verrett and Mark Verrett, SRA were hired to manage the company. They have a history of providing regulatory compliant residential real estate valuation and consulting tools nationally that are designed to maximize appraiser efficiency, profitability and quality. The company has adopted Resivalue, the appraisal industry’s first cloud-based residential report writer linked to the largest real estate database in Texas.

"Acorn Appraisal’s management is well established within the residential appraisal community. The company’s appraisers, as well as third party appraisers will provide a constant flow of valuable, industry expert property information to the database which Resivalue accesses. Property information will be updated in real-time, continually improving the quality and amount of data appraisers, lenders, owners and investors can access," remarked Michael L. Miller, MAI National Managing Director of Sage Appraisal Network, an O’Connor & Associates partner.

Acorn Appraisal’s management has worked for over 30 years to provide support for residential appraisers through data integration, analytical tools, and seamless integration into all report writing platforms. "Resivalue is meeting a very strong market need in today’s changing residential appraisal industry. We are excited to join in a collaboration that will bring to market the most efficient and analytical tools the residential appraisal industry has seen," said Mark Verrett, SRA, Managing Partner of Acorn Appraisal.

"The synergy of the partnership is that of highly experienced appraisers with revolutionary appraisal technology. Combined, Acorn appraisers have over 100 years of experience, and will be able to fully utilize the web appraisal writing program linked to tax roll data and single family sales data," commented Patrick O’Connor, President of O’Connor & Associates.

Patrick O’Connor is the president of O’Connor & Associates, whose business lines include real estate appraisal, market research, database programming, federal tax reduction, and property tax representations for over 170,000 clients. "Acorn Appraisal will increase our capacity to process residential appraisals," mentioned John R. Fisher, CCRA, LEED AP, Managing Director of O’Connor & Associates.

This strategic enterprise is part of Patrick O’Connor’s initiative to expand the company’s real estate information and financial services nationally. By providing residential appraisal resources that reduce the time and effort it takes for appraisers to obtain information, analyze real estate and process appraisals, the lending community benefits immensely.

All real estate professionals and service providers benefit from O’Connor & Associates’ database expansion beyond Texas, to include property records for:

  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon

"Acorn is delighted to join with these Valuation Professionals to create a business model for all Independent Fee Appraisers that combines and supports ethical practice, independence, efficiency, profitability, and local market expertise. The capital resources that we share will allow us to reach the goals we've worked toward for over a decade," remarked Ken A. Verrett, BA, MA, SWGSB, Acorn’s Consultant to Innovation.

About O’Connor & Associates

Founded in 1974, and headquartered in Houston, TX, O'Connor & Associates is one of the largest real estate valuation and consulting companies in the Southwest, specializing in property tax reduction services, commercial and residential appraisals, federal tax reduction and real estate market research. Over 5,000 customers and numerous media outlets rely on O'Connor & Associates as a source of cost effective, timely and accurate real estate market information, property tax protests, as well as the coordination and provision of expert witness testimony for lawsuits against central appraisal districts. O’Connor & Associates merges quality data with technical proficiency and has the resources to handle complex assignments nationwide. For more information about O’Connor & Associates, please contact Mike Olivares, COO, at 713.375.4291, molivares@poconnor.com. www.poconnor.com.

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