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» Joint Motion to Correct Incorrect Appraised Value (50-249)
» Property Owner's Affidavit of Evidence (50-283)
» Request for Binding Arbitration (AP-219)
» Application for 1-d-1 (Open-Space) Agricultural Appraisal (50-129)
» General Real Estate Rendition of Taxable Property (50-141)
» General Personal Property Rendition of Taxable Property - Non Income Producing (50-142)
» Business Personal Property Rendition of Taxable Property (50-144)


Property Tax Protests

O'Connor & Associates has the hard-hitting skills to take you through all levels of assessment protests:
  • Informal hearings
  • Appraisal Review Board hearings
  • Judicial appeals
We provide a property tax reduction service to residential homeowners in exchange for a contingency fee of 50% of all property taxes saved by O'Connor & Associates through administrative hearings or through a judicial appeal, for that tax year. We will...

  • analyze existing assessments
  • research, prepare and present appeals on your behalf at informal hearings
  • coordinate a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate
You are not billed for court costs, appraisals, expert witness fees or legal fees.

You pay us only if we reduce your taxes!

Tax savings are defined as follows: Subtract the property's final assessed value for each year from its initial assessed value, then multiply that amount by the previous year's total tax rate and reduce any exemptions your property may have. The resulting number equals the amount of tax savings.

Property Taxes are Rising!

If the appraised value of your property is too high, property taxes can be frustrating! What can you do?

Cut Your Texas Property Taxes
By Patrick C. O'Connor

This book educates the Texas property owner and offers practical tips for reducing property taxes for houses, commercial property, and business personal property. Cut Your Texas Property Taxes examines how property taxes are calculated, how assessed values are set– and, more importantly, what the reader can do to assure that they are paying the lowest possible property taxes. The text explains all the possible exemptions and how to use them advantageously, and explains the various types of protests and how to file each one. The book describes the property taxing process and explains the three approaches to performing a property appraisal. Cut Your Texas Property Taxes enables the reader to make informed judgments about when to protest property taxes and how to get started.

Available in hardcover only. Price is $27.01 (includes tax). Shipping is free. Call 713-375-4264, or
e-mail us to order this book today!

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