If you’re a CPA or tax preparer…

Learn How Your Tax Clients Can Get The Tax Deduction
They Likely Qualify For As A Hurricane Florence Victim

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“7 Ways You Can Be A Hero To
Your Existing Tax Clients”

If you’re a CPA or tax preparer…

Hurricane Florence was an unprecedented disaster for many of our friends in the greater Carolina area. The silver lining is that the IRS in section 165 provides a solution for many of your residential and commercial clients to claim their flood and casualty losses as a deduction on their tax return.

Since early September 2017, we at O’Connor have been working with over 7,000 clients in the greater Carolina area to educate them on how they can take advantage of the IRS regulations and receive the deductions to which they are entitled.

As a CPA or tax preparer, you probably have several to many residential or commercial clients that experienced Florence flood damage and/or casualty loss.

We can support you with your existing affected clients through preparation of the required appraisal and documentation which you can then use as you prepare your clients’ 2017 tax return. We have several options in terms of how we can work with you.

The first step is for you to request a copy of the Special Report we’ve prepared for you; you’ll learn how you can “be a hero” to your existing clients.

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