If your property flooded during Hurricane Harvey…

“You Can Have The IRS Pay
You For Your Flood Damage”

As I mentioned on the video, if you suffered flood damage from Harvey, the IRS stands ready to send you a check.

Section 165 of the IRS code outlines the process you need to follow with your tax preparer.

Part of the process includes the requirement that you submit a current property appraisal with your tax information.

We at O’Connor and Associates are working with your tax preparer on the appraisal side of your refund request.
With over 25 years’ experience in residential and commercial property appraisal and over 10,000 appraisals completed many people consider us experts in the property appraisal area.

Your tax preparer recommended us to complete your property appraisal so that you can move forward with your refund request.

Getting started with your appraisal is a very simple process.

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