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Harris County Central Appraisal District – 2022

Harris Central Appraisal District tax protests are heard by the Harris County Appraisal Review Board (ARB). Despite accepting payments from Harris CAD, they promote themselves as "separate and apart" from the appraisal district. Total property tax savings from informal and ARB hearings totaled $720 million in 2022, resulting in $266 million from ARB tax protest hearings. The Harris County ARB had 133,975 ARB hearings in 2022.

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ARB protests result in significant savings for Harris County property owners, estimated to be $266 million in 2022, based on a $9 billion value reduction at the ARB. Overall, 77% of ARB protests generated tax savings for the property owner. Homeowners prevailed in 83% of ARB protests, compared to 61% for commercial and BPP owners. .

In 2022, property owners appealed 100% of the total value of multifamily, and 85% of the value of commercial and business personal property. Conversely, just 39% of the yearly value of homes is appealed. To have a yearly property tax expert represent you, you don't need to be a millionaire. Don't miss another deadline for filing a property tax protest by enrolling in O'Connor’s Property Tax Protection Program™ now. .

Harris County Appraisal District Appraiser Summary

Number of Appraisal Review Board Members 114
Number New Appraisal Review Board Members 57
% of New Appraisal Review Board Members 50%
Number Returning Appraisal Review Board Members 57
% of Returning Appraisal Review Board Members 50%
Days of Hearings 178
Appraisal Review Board Budget $3,582,392
Lowest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $180
Median Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $195
Highest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $240
Attorney Paid to Advise Appraisal Review Board Yes
Did Appraisal Review Board Retain Licensed Appraiser for Training No
On-line Protest System for Appraisal Review Board Yes