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Congratulations! You are only steps away from filing your Harvey IRS refund claim! In order to move forward with your refund claim, please complete the following:

  • Print the attached prepaid FedEx air bill.

  • Open the attached password protected file(s) marked as “IRS COPY” – the password is the FIRST digit of the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER PLUS the LAST 3 digits of the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER or the FIRST digit of the THE FEDERAL EIN# PLUS THE LAST 3 digist of the FEDERAL EIN#. (For example, an EIN # of 12-3456789, would have the password 1789) Or (For example, the Social Security Number 123-45-6789 will have the password 1789)

  • Once opened, print the password protected IRS Copy of the tax return.
  • You and your spouse (if applicable) or an officer, general partner or LLC member manager MUST SIGN and DATE the tax return.. Please contact our customer service at 832-917-0508 if you are unsure on where to sign.
  • Place the Printed and SIGNED IRS COPY of your tax return in a FedEx letter envelope.
  • Attach the printed FEDEX AIRBILL to the FEDEX envelope (you can pick up an envelope at a FEDEX location), seal and drop off at your nearest FEDEX Drop-off location. If you need help locating your nearest FedEx drop-off location, please follow this link:
  • You may track the status of your IRS refund at:
  • Attached is your taxpayer copy of the tax return. Please print and/or save a copy to your computer for your records.

Also, below is an invoice for our services performed. This invoice is payable at any time but is not due until you file your amended 1040X with the IRS.

Thank You,

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