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WebbCAD 2016 Property Valuations

Webb County Appraisal District Property Tax Valuation Summary

Number of Tax Parcels 137715
$ for Contract Appraisal Services 178000
$ Computer Aided Mass Appraisal 94600
$ GIS 24700
$ Aerial Photos 65000
% of Real Property Parcels Inspected 47
Market Value All Property 18619844208
Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes 6903172057
Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments 539015775
Market Value Land 432318562
Market Value Commercial 1770045213
Market Value Business Personal Property 1290962088
Market Value Utilities 1473678520
Market Value Oil & Gas 3293651690
Market Value Industrial Real Property 63463518
Market Value Industrial Personal Property 758846670
Market Value All Other Property 2094690115

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