Settling taxes can be a great deal of a job. If you are a property owner, you’d want to make sure you’re on top of the news. This includes being familiar with the Reformed Property Tax Code of Texas.

Learn more about what an arbitrator’s fee is and how it works. It helps when you understand what an arbitrator’s award is and when it’s granted.

Continue reading below to see what the Texas Tax Code 41A.09(b) is all about and what changes you can expect.

 Reformed Property Tax

Terms to Help You Understand What Is Under the Texas Tax Code 41a.09

It can be confusing to determine what are the meanings of terms in the Reformed Texas Tax Code. Below are some of the terms you might encounter while reading through the tax code.

  • The property is any matter or anything that can be in ownership by any individual. This can include homes, businesses, land, real estate, and more.
  • You might also stumble a lot with the term market value. This is the price wherein a property is agreed to transfer for cash. In other cases, the market value is also the equal amount of the property in market conditions.
    • Properties get their market value when they are for sale in the open market. The property needs to be up in the market for a reasonable amount of time. This helps the seller find the best purchaser.
    • Properties on sale need to be transparent. This means that both the seller and the buyer know what its purpose is for. Both parties should be aware of what the property would be for. Sellers can also state restrictions on the property when needed.
    • The properties that have market value should be able to give gains to both seller and buyer. Both parties should not take advantage of the demands of the other.
  • Another term you can come across in the bill is the comptroller. This is the Comptroller of Public Accounts of the State of Texas. You can learn more about its function when you read the Texas Tax Code 1.04.

Updates and Changes with the Reformed Property Tax Code of Texas Section 41a.09(b)

The Reformed Property Tax Code of Texas updated its rules and regulations. Section 41A.09(b) focuses on payment of arbitrator’s fee.

Arbitrators can be a person or a body who is “officially” appointed to settle disputes. These are people who face property owners with issues on the property.

An arbitral award is also known as an arbitration award. This is the focus of section 41A.09(b) under the Reformed Property Tax Code Of Texas. The award comes from an arbitration tribunal through an arbitration proceeding. The arbitral award functions the same as a court judgment.

Payment of Arbitrator’s Fee and What the Arbitration Award Includes

The arbitral award only comes from the arbitrator. Copies are in the distribution for the property owner, appraisal district, and comptroller only.

Understanding the Role of the Arbitrator

Before, the role of the arbitrator under the Reformed Texas Tax Code was more lenient. With the reformed tax code, choosing a competitive and reliable arbitrator is easier. Knowing the requirements to hire arbitrators will make property owners trust them more.


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