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Appealing Property Taxes for Your Home: Preparing for the Hearing

Reviewing CDU and grade of your home Review the appraisal district’s description of grade and CDU (condition, desirability and utility) for your house. Grade is a qualitative evaluation of the construction materials…

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Appealing Property Taxes for your Home: The Hearing Process

Board of Directors

Appealing Property Taxes for your Home: The Hearing Process Written by Pat O’Connor, MAI Attending the hearings Even if you have properly prepared for your property tax hearing, be aware that the…

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Texas Property Tax Deadline Changes in 2018

Attention Texas Property Owners! For the first time in almost 40 years, the deadline in Texas to render personal property and to file an appeal has CHANGED with little notice to taxpayers….

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County Appraisal Districts Are Ignoring The Law in Valuing Flooded Properties

tax law

Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) is over-taxing flooded property owners by 50 to 100%. HCAD is NOT valuing these flooded properties accurately. They are not following mandatory requirements of the Tax Code…

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Mass Appraisal Versus Mess Appraisal

Hearing Series 1

If you’ve ever wondered how your appraisal district got your value so wrong, watch this quick video of Patrick O’Connor explaining the process the appraisal districts use to “value” Texas real estate….

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How To Read Your Property Tax Bill

Property Tax Bill Explained

How To Read Your Texas Property Tax Bill As a property owner, it is essential to understand how to read a property tax bill.  Doing so will help you learn more about…

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5 Simple Steps to Property Tax Reduction for Owners of Flooded Property

The fact is: You will be over-taxed for 2018 if you were a flooded property owner and do not file an appeal, in 95% of cases in my opinion.     Here…

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Property Tax Appeal – THREE Things You Must Do When Filing

When filing a property tax appeal, there are THREE things that you MUST do every year. And these THREE things are a MUST when filing your property tax appeal . I’ve always…

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5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Property Taxes

As promised, here is my video on the 5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Property Taxes To The Lowest Possible Level OKAY, I’ll give you them to you here: Snap…

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The Great Property Tax Heist of 2018!

The Great Property Tax Heist of 2018 will net over $2 billion from Texas property owners. And even though laws are being ignored, no one will go to jail.  How can this…

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Why Isn’t the Government Telling Me About an Income Tax Refund Available to Hurricane Harvey Victims?

Red Tape

People are incredulous when told it is possible to get a tax refund of all income taxes paid during 2014 to 2017 because of damage to their property from Hurricane Harvey. Of…

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Make your voice heard at the special legislative session! Here are the property tax issues:

The special legislative session began on July 18, 2017 and will conclude in 30 days. Property tax reform is not a new concept and many Texans are calling for anywhere from slight…

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Property Tax Reform in 2017 – Is It Possible?

Property tax reform has been on the minds of Texas property owners for years and this year is no exception. In fact, a special session of the Texas Legislature is scheduled to…

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Appealing Property Taxes for Your Home: The Basics

Written by Pat O’Connor, MAI Property taxes are a substantial expense for Texas homeowners, averaging about $3,600 annually. To reduce this expense, property owners should annually review and consider appealing property taxes….

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