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Hearing Series: How HCAD Really Treats Flooded Homeowners

Hearing Series 1

Have you ever wondered what happens AFTER you’ve filed your property tax appeal? How exactly does the hearing process work, and who makes the ultimate decision on value? Here is a detailed explanation of WHY HCAD’s current approach so WRONG. You can review the Tax Code and the Appraisal Standards to confirm for yourself. In…

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What is a Substantial Error and How Do I Qualify?

sub error appeal

Chances are many owners have not heard of a substantial error appeal before. If the property has a substantial error, then the tax code supports owners to file a late appeal.  Instead of the May 15th deadline, the new deadline would be January 31st of the following year! What is it? Owners may be asking then,…

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Is The Appraisal District Treating Flooded Property Owners Maliciously?

We pose this question to our esteemed readers: Has the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) in Harris County lost its mind? There have been concerns for 25 years surrounding bias at the Appraisal Review Board, but they truly set a new low this week. Why do we think that? After a week of disaster re-appraisal hearings, ARB…

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4 Steps to Lower Property Taxes

Did you know that lower property taxes is a lot easier than you think? There are only 4 simple steps standing between you and lowering your property taxes to 50 to 80% of market value. It’s a shame that only 7% of property owners appeal their unfair values annually because that means that over 90% of…

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