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County Appraisal Districts Are Ignoring The Law in Valuing Flooded Properties

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Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) is over-taxing flooded property owners by 50 to 100%. HCAD is NOT valuing these flooded properties accurately. They are not following mandatory requirements of the Tax Code…

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What is a Substantial Error and How Do I Qualify?

sub error appeal

Chances are many owners have not heard of a substantial error appeal before. If the property has a substantial error, then the tax code supports owners to file a late appeal.  Instead…

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Is The Appraisal District Treating Flooded Property Owners Maliciously?

We pose this question to our esteemed readers: Has the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) in Harris County lost its mind? There have been concerns for 25 years surrounding bias at the Appraisal…

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5 Simple Steps to Property Tax Reduction for Owners of Flooded Property

The fact is: You will be over-taxed for 2018 if you were a flooded property owner and do not file an appeal, in 95% of cases in my opinion.     Here…

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Why Isn’t the Government Telling Me About an Income Tax Refund Available to Hurricane Harvey Victims?

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People are incredulous when told it is possible to get a tax refund of all income taxes paid during 2014 to 2017 because of damage to their property from Hurricane Harvey. Of…

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Hurt by Harvey? Take a Tax Deduction!

Owners of commercial property damaged by Hurricane Harvey can reap large federal tax deductions, even if they are fully insured. How is this possible? It is simple; the law for calculating a…

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