As a Hurricane Harvey Victim,

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The Harvey Property Tax Reduction Program will provide you no-cost property tax assistance.

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The Harvey Tax Reduction Program will encourage you as a property owner to provide us information on flooding damages to your property, since the Appraisal Districts will likely rely on “self-reporting”.

In other words, if your house or commercial property flooded, and you do not call the appraisal district, and you do not protest your property taxes in 2018, your property will be valued as though it did not flood.

Why Is This Important To You?

The Appraisal District will rely on you as the property owner to ‘self-report’ your flood damages at the time of valuation. It will not assume, or not have knowledge, that a residential or commercial property was flooded during the Hurricane Harvey and post-storm flooding. The 2018 value will not reflect a change in property value due to any impact by Harvey. The Appraisal District will value based on market value and automatically be unequally appraised.

O’Connor & Associates will take three steps (at no cost to you) to ensure this doesn’t happen:

  • 1 OCA will report the damage ASAP to your Appraisal District.
  • 2 After January 1st, OCA will consult with you to determine if the repairs have been completed (or not) and at that point determine what needs to be reported to the Appraisal District, if anything.
  • 3 When the value notices go out (mid-March through beginning of May), OCA will review the 2018 property record data and contrast it to the 2017 property record data. We will check the Appraisal District’s code for any excessive values placed on repairs or inappropriate changes to condition. Inappropriate values/changes to condition can overvalue property by 20 to 50%.

Why are we offering this to you at no charge?

If you’re an existing O&A Property Tax client, this is one of the extra benefits you receive from being an O’Connor client.

If you’re not an existing O&A Property Tax client, you may like the quality of our work so much that you’ll consider becoming a client.

All of this ties into our philosophy of ensuring that all residential and commercial property owners are fairly treated by their Appraisal District.

See this 1:04 video from Pat O’Connor explaining the O’Connor philosophy.

Here’s a bonus you’ll receive when you sign up for the Harvey Property Tax Reduction Program

Harvey Property Tax Reduction Program participants will receive a free copy of an in-depth report compiled by OCA documenting the discount for disclosing that a house has flooded. Even if your property is repaired by year end, you will have to disclose it flooded when you sell it. The disclosure diminishes the market value and should be considered relative to properties that sold that were not flooded. This report will provide evidence for a reduction of market value on a flooded property.

NOTE: This information will be critical for the 2018 property tax year.

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