The NO RISK O’Connor Commercial Property Tax Protection Program™
for FLORIDA BUSINESSES is your key to peace of mind!

  • NO Enrollment Fee
  • Exceptional customer service and expert advisors
  • Your commercial property taxes are protested every year even if your values didn’t change
  • If your taxes are not reduced, YOU PAY NOTHING
  • A secure client portal for 24/7 access to documents
  • Subscription to the O’Connor Tax Savings Tip and Information newsletter

The protest deadline for property owners in Florida is September 15th or 30 days from the date of your value notification from the county, whichever is later.  If you have not yet received your value notice from your county appraisal district office, you may contact them to verify the status of your value notice.

If your protest deadline has not expired we will be happy to file your protest on your behalf or walk you through the process of filing your own protest, depending on how much time remains prior to your deadline.  Please contact customer service at 1-888-666-1876 to speak with one of our customer support representatives so that we may assist you with your protest.

Commercial Property Tax Relief

O’Connor saves clients collectively millions every year! As the largest property tax consulting firm in the US, based on the annual number of appeals, our team saves our clients millions of dollars every year in property taxes. Our licensed tax agents and administrative support team help you as a commercial property owner by filing personal property renditions, reviewing tax statements, protesting over-assessed property values and attending informal tax hearings and appraisal review board meetings. O’Connor has become a proven leader in aggressive property tax reduction, pursuing every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes:

  1. Informal Hearings
  2. VAB Appeals
  3. Judicial Appeals

Our staff achieves better results than is typical for most firms. We attempt to reduce your property taxes for each property every year, even if the value did not change!


O’Connor has meant SAVINGS for businesses! We can do the same for yours.

The Commercial Property Protection Program™
is powered by O’Connor

The largest and most aggressive tax consulting firm in the country!
O’Connor’s licensed tax agents and administrative support team provides unmatchable value.

The Commercial Property Protection Program™ Works for You!

  • Files personal property renditions for you!
  • Protests over-assessed property values for you!
  • Attends informal tax hearings for you!
  • Attends appraisal review board meetings for you!
  • Coordinates judicial hearings when necessary for you!
  • Pursues every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes for you!
  • Reviews tax statements for you!

A few words from some of our
trusted Clients.


“O’Connor & Associates is the leader when it comes to aggressive tax appeals in Texas. Last year, they were able to lower taxes on multiple properties with outstanding results. I strongly recommend the services of O’Connor & Associates, who consistently achieve superior results.”

Owner of a statewide property management firm


“I have been an O’Connor client for years and they continue to amaze me. It’s simple… hire O’Connor or pay more than your competitors.”

Owner of a national property management firm

About Us

O’Connor & Associates is the largest property tax consulting firm in the United States. O’Connor’s team of professionals possess the resources and unparalleled market expertise in the areas of property tax, cost segregation and commercial and residential real estate appraisals. The firm was founded in 1974 and employs more than 550 professionals worldwide.

With our proprietary protest filing system, we file more lawsuits and settle more binding arbitration cases than any other tax consulting firm in the nation.


O’Connor’s mission is to be the leading property tax advocate for taxpayers and to drive reforms in the Texas property tax appeal process. Our proven solutions continue to help taxpayers reduce their annual property tax rates. We are a pioneering expert in aggressive property tax reduction. O’Connor is also a leading expert in business personal property valuation. The book What You Need to Know about Personal Property Valuation was written by Patrick O’Connor, President of O’Connor & Associates.

Privacy Policy

O'Connor & Associates protects your privacy by not sharing or selling your personal information with any third party. In addition to the news updates that you will receive as a member, at times you may be sent information on new products or services that O'Connor & Associates has to offer. Each of these e-mails will have an "opt out" message that will allow you to remove your address from the list, insuring you will not receive future messages.