Commercial Real Estate Lending Originator/Calling Officer

Houston, TX
Posted 1 year ago

Summary of Job Description:

The Commercial Real Estate Lending Originator/Calling Officer’s role is to develop relationships from a proprietary data set to originate fixed and floating rate commercial real estate loans. This position will use a data set and other material to discuss with the prospective borrowers the firm’s lending capabilities. This person will need to discuss the borrower’s asset(s) and quickly understand the borrower’s mortgage needs and how the firm can meet them.  The CRE Lending/Calling Officer’s main responsibility is to communicate the firms value proposition to the borrower and create the engagement by collecting pertinent financial documents to begin underwriting.  The CRE Lending/Calling Officer will also be responsible for building on-going relationships with borrowers in order to meet all the lending needs of the clients.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Call potential clients.
  • Able to make a minimum of 50 outbound calls/day.
  • Answer phone calls and respond to clients.
  • Influence and pursue clients to introduce lending capabilities of the firm.
  • Be capable of understanding basic financial and real estate lending and valuation concepts.
  • Be capable of asking important credit related/sensitive questions to borrowers.
  • Commercial real estate valuation/credit/lending problem solving ability.
  • Be capable of researching important information on prospective clients/markets.
  • Be capable of communicating with senior management and affiliates about potential transactions.
  • Recognize, document, and alert supervisors of any issues.
  • Other assigned duties.


Job Requirements:

  • Previous outbound sales experience required.
  • Previous inside sales experience preferred.
  • Previous experience in commercial real estate sales preferred (Mortgage Banking, Investment Sales, Leasing Brokerage, Appraisal/Valuation Sales.
  • Real Estate background preferred.
  • Computer and internet proficient.
  • College degree required.
  • Convey professionalism and inspire confidence.
  • Strong initiative, independent judgment, and ability to learn.
  • Professional telephone and customer service skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Organizing and prioritizing skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook.

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