Property values are on the constant rise. It doesn’t only apply to one city but in all of Texas. This gives property owners anxiety when receiving their monthly mail.

Are you always worried about the changes in tax rates? This is why you need to look out for the deadline of filing a property tax protest.

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The new Texas Tax Code has recent updates when it comes to options for property owners. These options are for people who want to protest property taxes.

Need to know more about what protest hearing notices are? What are the requirements needed to file them?

If you’d like to know what to do to lower the appraised value of your property, then read on below.

Starting an Effective Property Tax Protest Hearing

Property owners who’d like to lower their property appraised value can file an appeal. They can do this through the review board of their appraisal district. When there are higher values, it means there are higher taxes.

If you want to make sure that your appeal makes it to protest hearings, you need to prepare. Be armed with sound arguments to win over the review board.

How Does the Appraisal Review Board Go About the Protest Requirements?

The appraisal review board needs to supply owners a written notice. This notice needs to have the time, date, and place of the property tax appeal hearing. The notice should be in delivery at least 15 days before the actual hearing date.

Delivery should be in first-class postage. A delivery date does not begin from the date of receipt by the property owners. It begins when the notice is already in the mail.

The chief appraiser needs advance notice of the protest schedule from the board. The board needs to follow this for each hearing that is in submission.

The type of protest hearing also depends on the subject matter of the protest itself. There are different cases for each protest, which is why it’s vital to consider the situation.

When a protest is for a taxable estate, the notice is sent to the attorney general and the state agency. This also goes for the interest in possessing a real property owned by the state. If the property is from a political subdivision, the notice goes to its governing body.

Preparing for the Protest Hearing

There are certain ways that property owners can prepare for the hearing. The notice of the protest hearing can give anyone a nervous nudge, but it also helps to be ready. The tax reform gives property owners more options in filing a protest hearing. You need to make sure to get your message across.

  • Make sure to provide your closing statement to show your payments for your property. But this can’t apply to homes bought from foreclosure or through family connections. If the property has had a third-party appraisal, the board can still match its recent appraisal.

Protests are a big help to property owners. This is because it saves you thousands of paying for taxes.

  • Check similar properties in the neighborhood. Look for features that are the same and upgrades that have sold in the past year. The size of the home matters a lot too, so you need to look for similar home sizes.
  • Take pictures of your home. Don’t take pictures of only the good, but also include the bad. Defects and cosmetic issues should be in the document as well. You can also add estimates on how much it is to repair the defects.
  • Be professional when stating the case. It helps the review board members to look at your case without the angry outbursts. Make sure to present your proposed appraisal value. Have the computation on how you reached the amount ready. Don’t include generalizations in your explanation.

Each case has its own outcome, but protests give property owners the change they need. One common need for property owners is to keep the property taxes low.

If it helps to hold protests every year, then property owners can do so.


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