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Can You Double Your Property Tax Reductions With Two Bites At The Apple?

Commercial Property Tax Reduction Services also available for estate houses and portfolios of houses

  • Yes, O’Connor CAN help you reduce your property taxes
  • Yes – there is NEVER a fee unless we reduce your property taxes
  • Simple on-line enrollment; fast and easy

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Administrative hearings (informal
and appraisal review board)


Judicial appeal in district court;
O’Connor coordinates and pays
for attorney and expert witness.

O’Connor is the only property tax consultant that broadly uses judicial appeals, the second step in Texas property tax appeals.

No flat fee. No upfront cost. No legal fees, expert witness fees or court costs. Pay only a fraction of property tax savings.

Experienced property tax consultants (10+ years) with long-term relationships with appraisal district and appraisal review board staff.

Easy on-line enrollment or call if you prefer (713 290 9700).

Our Guarantee

  • No cost unless we reduce your property taxes. No flat fee to enroll. O’Connor pays ALL costs including legal fees, expert witness fees, court costs in coordinating a judicial appeal.
  • O’Connor broadly uses judicial appeals for commercial, homes over $1.5 MM, rental home portfolios, and business personal property.
  • Experienced property tax consultants who suit up and show up EVERY year whether the value is flat, down or up. There are no “good” initial values.
  • Using both steps every year is the proven process to minimize property taxes.

Our Proven

  • Enroll online; no upfront fee
  • Protest filed for your property
  • Hearing evidence prepared
  • Negotiate reduction in property taxes
  • Advocate reduction at appraisal review board
  • Coordinate judicial appeal
  • Client informed of results
  • O’Connor portal provides updated protest status

Fact: 90 to 95% of property tax judicial appeals resolved in 2018 and 2019
included a reduction BELOW the appraisal review board value, averaging
10 to 12%. Assessed values were reduced by $50 billion, saving taxpayers
$1,341,522,000, based on a 2.7% tax rate.

Enroll Today in the Property Tax

You pay nothing unless your property taxes are reduced.

Your property taxes will be aggressively protested every year by #1 property
tax consultant in country. Pay only a portion of savings if your property
taxes are reduced.

Many FREE benefits with enrollment:
  • Both types of appeal will be used to minimize your property taxes
  • Only O’Connor broadly uses both types of appeal for modest and midsized properties.
  • O’Connor pays ALL judicial appeal fees; legal fees, expert witness and court costs.
  • No fee unless your property taxes are reduced.
  • Property taxes are appealed annually whether value is up, flat or down.
  • Never miss another property tax filing deadline.

About O’Connor

Hire the experts. Texas’ only property tax consultant to routinely use BOTH steps in property tax appeal process. Texas’ largest property tax consultant. Client property tax savings over $1 billion and close to $120 million in commercial property tax savings in 2022. O’Connor has handled over one million property tax appeals, one million appraisal review boards and coordinated over 50,000 lawsuits to reduce property taxes. No one else has such in-depth expertise. Our 30+ property tax consultants have over 500 years combined experience and have deep relationships with appraisal district and appraisal review board staff.

Never a fee unless we reduce your property taxes. O’Connor pays ALL legal fees, expert witness fees and court costs associated with coordinating judicial appeal.

Our core focus is improving the lives of property owners through cost effective tax reduction. We are dead serious about reducing your property taxes.

Property Tax Protection Program Benefits