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Property Appeal Protest Services

It’s your right to challenge the system! State law prescribes a procedure for protesting the assessed value of your property.

If you own Residential property… Residential Property Tax

  • We aggressively pursue every legal option to protest and lower your taxes.
  • Our clients get greater tax savings
  • You pay nothing unless we save you money

Protest Residential Property Taxes

If you own Commercial property… Commercial Property Tax

  • Exceptional depth of experience
  • Commercial appraisal staff
  • Get the Best result at a reasonable fee
  • Flat fee or contingent fee options
  • Litigation option

Protest Commercial Property Taxes

If you own a Business…… Business Personal Property Tax

  • BPP Reporting and Appeals Deep Expertise in BPP
  • 10+ staff appraisers able to value BPP
  • Proprietary valuation model
  • O’Connor has done over 25,000 Appraisals

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How to Appeal Your Property Taxes

It’s your right to challenge the system!

You have a right to lower property taxes! State law prescribes a procedure for protesting the assessed value of your property. We provide a property tax reduction service to residential homeowners in exchange for a contingency fee of 50 percent of all property taxes saved through administrative hearings or judicial appeal, for that tax year.

  • Analyzes existing assessments
  • Researchers, prepares and presents appeals on your behalf at informal hearings
  • Coordinates a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate

You are not billed for court costs, appraisals, expert witness fees or legal fees. You pay us only if we reduce your taxes!

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Why O’Connor for Property Tax Reduction?

Contingent Fee

You don’t pay unless we save you money.


We protest your taxes year after year. Once you sign up with us, we will continue to fight for your tax reduction.

Greater Protection

Aggressive approach to protesting during all 3 phases of the appeals process and the expertise to be successful. 1.Informal hearing. 2.Formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board. 3.Litigation and Binding Arbitration.

Binding Arbitration

Utilizing binding arbitration to achieve equitable results for owners of homes and small commercial properties not able to pursue a judicial appeal.

More Effective

More aggressive and effective than any other firm in Texas in coordinating judicial appeals and binding arbitration to achieve reductions beyond the appraisal review board hearing.

More Successes

O’Connor & Associates is the largest property tax consulting firm in the U.S. O’Connor’s team of professionals possess the resources and unparalleled market expertise