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We currently help residents reduce their property taxes in Texas, Illinois, and Georgia. We offer commercial property tax reduction services in 45 States! See Areas We Serve.

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Residential Property Tax Reduction Services

  • Yes, O’Connor CAN help you reduce your property taxes
  • Yes – there is NEVER a fee unless we reduce your property taxes
  • Simple on-line enrollment in just 2 or 3 minutes
  • O’Connor saved clients over $224 million in property taxes in 2023 and has already saved clients over $59 million in 2024!
Attention – The following appraisal districts have extended their protest deadline to the date listed or 30 days after notice
Fannin County – May 24, 2024
Wharton County – May 24, 2024 Tarrant Appraisal for Residential – May 24, 2024
Travis County – May 24, 2024 Cottle County – May 24, 2024
Childress County – May 28, 2024 Donley County – May 28, 2024
Waller County – May 31, 2024 Tarrant Appraisal for Commercial – May 31, 2024

The Residential Property Tax Protection Program is powered by O’Connor & Associates

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  • Call 713.290.9700 to discuss with a representative.

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ATTENTION – Property owners seeking to protest your property tax value:

Even though the protest deadline for many property owners is May 15, 2024, there may still be time to file your protest! The protest deadline for property owners in Texas is May 15th  or 30 days from the date of your value notification from the county, whichever is later. Signup online now and receive a $25 gift card if we’re not able to file your protest for 2024. It’s just a token of our appreciation for signing up early for 2025!

If you filed your own protest, we require 10 days advance notice to guarantee our attendance at your hearing.  Please call our office to speak with a customer support representative if your hearing is within 10 days of the date you sign up.

Remember, you may still have time to protest your property tax value! If you are not sure, please complete the enrollment form. Please contact our property tax experts at
(877) 482-9288 or (713) 290-9700 to confirm your online signup is in order. Worst case scenario, you will be ready for 2025!

Thank you for your business.  We look forward to fighting to reduce your property taxes.

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How to Appeal Your Property Taxes

It’s your right to challenge the appraisal district “guesstimate of value”.

You have a right to lower property taxes! State law prescribes a procedure for protesting the assessed value of your property. We provide a property tax reduction service to residential homeowners in exchange for a contingency fee of 50 percent of all property taxes saved through administrative hearings or judicial appeal for that tax year.

  • Analyzes existing property tax assessments
  • Researches, prepares, and presents property tax protest on your behalf at informal hearings and appraisal review board hearings
  • Coordinates a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate
  • O’Connor saved clients over $224 million in property tax in 2023

You are not billed for court costs, appraisals, expert witness fees or legal fees. You pay us only if we reduce your taxes!

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Why O’Connor for Property Tax Reduction?

  • Contingent Fee

    You don’t pay unless we save you money.

  • Automatic

    We protest your taxes year after year. Once you sign up with us, we will continue to fight for your tax reduction.

  • Greater Protection

    Aggressive approach to protesting during all 3 phases of the appeals process and the expertise to be successful. 1.Informal hearing. 2.Formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board. 3.Litigation and Binding Arbitration.

  • Binding Arbitration

    Utilizing binding arbitration to achieve equitable results for owners of homes and small commercial properties not able to pursue a judicial appeal.

  • More Effective

    More aggressive and effective than any other firm in Texas in coordinating judicial appeals and binding arbitration to achieve reductions beyond the appraisal review board hearing.

  • More Successes

    O’Connor & Associates is the largest property tax consulting firm in the U.S. O’Connor’s team of professionals possess the resources and unparalleled market expertise.

Property Tax Protection Program Benefits