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Commercial Property Tax Protection Program

Commercial Property Tax Protection Program – the most aggressive effort possible to reduce property taxes annually is our focus. Certain appraisal districts are reasonable and we are able to settle all or almost all accounts informally. Other appraisal districts settle few accounts informally. When necessary, we challenge your tax assessment at the appraisal review board hearing. For accounts above $750,000 which have had an appraisal review board hearing, we typically coordinate a judicial appeal.

When we coordinate a judicial appeal, we:

  • pay the filing fee,
  • pay the attorney,
  • hire an expert witness to prepare an unequal appraisal analysis and
  • hire an MAI appraiser to prepare a market value appraisal.

We bear all the cost and risk of coordinating a judicial appeal; you pay only if we reduce your property taxes.

Binding arbitration for commercial:

For commercial accounts under $750,000, we review for binding arbitration.

If we pursue binding arbitration, we:

  • pay the filing fee of $450 or more,
  • prepare evidence on market value,
  • prepare evidence on unequal appraisal and
  • either negotiate a settlement or attend the binding arbitration hearing.


Your property taxes will be aggressively protested every year by the #1 property tax firm in the country. If your taxes are not reduced you PAY NOTHING, and a portion of the tax savings is the only fee you pay when your taxes are reduced! Many FREE benefits come with enrollment.

Property Tax Protection Program Benefits