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Do You Have to Pay Property Tax on a Leased Vehicle?

In Texas, all property is considered taxable, unless it is exempt by state or federal law.  Does that mean you have to pay property tax on a leased vehicle? Leased Vehicles for Personal Use Leased vehicles produce income for the leasing company and are in turn,  taxable to the leasing company.  In many leasing contracts,…

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Property Tax Appraisal Basics

It’s important to have a foundation of the property tax basics before you file a property tax appeal. Property taxes are local taxes. Your local officials value your property, set your tax rates and collect your taxes. However, state law governs how the process works. You can play an effective role in the process if…

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Mass Appraisal Versus Mess Appraisal

Hearing Series 1

If you’ve ever wondered how your appraisal district got your value so wrong, watch this quick video of Patrick O’Connor explaining the process the appraisal districts use to “value” Texas real estate. Suggestion: you might want to print this to read offline. Pat O’Connor: Why would you want to consider protesting? Well, let me tell…

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Texas’ School Finance Reforms: Lawmakers Deliberate ahead of 2019 Session

Currently, the state of Texas is facing an issue that has given educators and lawmakers sleepless nights: school finance reforms. Again, lawmakers are looking to deliberate further on this matter in their upcoming January session. Lawmakers and educator agree the system used to fund public schools in Texas needs an overhaul. However, for a while,…

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Texas School Funding and the Competing Property Tax Relief

The Texas school funding system is amongst the major causes of concern in at present. A state commission has already been created, which is tasked to come up with suggestions about how the public education’s funds can be increased systematically. Currently, Texas is ranked 36th in terms of education spending, with the National Education Association…

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