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The Psychology of Real Estate: Using Psychographic Data to Find a Great Self-Storage Location

One day, while discussing the self-storage facilities they co-own, Bill and Joe wound up debating why some assets outperform others. They’re interested in developing more properties, but they begin to realize that…

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Texas Assessments Might Be Low, However, They’re Inadequately Forced

According to most economists, it is necessary that how a government imposes taxes is just as necessary as how much it collects. Tax foundation tries to seek more attention to the above…

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Property Tax: Mark Your Calendar for January 1st!

Property tax in Texas has a tendency to be confusing for many of its residents. If you have ever had to pay property tax in the state, then you probably have a…

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Why Isn’t the Government Telling Me About an Income Tax Refund Available to Hurricane Harvey Victims?

Red Tape

People are incredulous when told it is possible to get a tax refund of all income taxes paid during 2013 to 2016 because of damage to their property from Hurricane Harvey. Of…

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Hurt by Harvey? Take a Tax Deduction!

Owners of commercial property damaged by Hurricane Harvey can reap large federal tax deductions, even if they are fully insured. How is this possible? It is simple; the law for calculating a…

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Flooded by Harvey?

You may qualify for an IRS tax refund.

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