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When should a tenant be removed from the rent roll?

COVID has resulted in many tenants defaulting on leases. Some will pay and continue being tenants, but many will not. The rent roll should document the tenants on the property and expected…

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Are the appraisal district commercial property values for 2021 reasonable?

Will Covid-19 Impact 2020 Tax Valuations In Texas

The 2021 values are reasonable if you think values are higher due to COVID. But most businesses have been negatively affected by COVID. So why are appraisal districts raising values in 2021???…

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Do commercial property owners win their appeals?

Texas Property Tax

Yes, 90 to 95% of appeals are successful for property owners who appeal at informal, ARB and judicial appeal.   There are two levels of appeal.  Administrative appeal – Informal hearing and appraisal…

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Questions about your homestead exemption?

home owners to file property tax

Homestead exemptions reduce property taxes by 20% for many homeowners. Homestead property tax exemptions are required by Texas law. Homestead exemptions vary by county, city and school district.  The only requirements for…

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Why was my commercial property tax assessment raised during COVID?

unit-by-unit apartment inspection

Great question. The property tax assessment is based on the value as of January 1 of the current year. Last year appraisal districts gave no consideration to the impact of COVID since…

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