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EPCAD 2021 Industrial Personal Property Tax Protest Summary

In El Paso County, industrial property represents 5% of the county's tax base. Refineries, chemical processing, manufacturing, and fabrication are among the industrial properties. These owners protested 60% of the total value in 2021, $1 B out of $3 B in 2021. The proportion of protested accounts is higher, but they are not reviewed at the judicial level as often; only 2% of protests are appealed. Comparatively, 27% of multifamily appeals and 16% of commercial/BPP appeals are escalated to the courts.

Plant owners in the chemical and manufacturing industries can afford professional representation. When you enroll in O'Connor's Property Tax Protection Program™ today, we offer equal representation to commercial and residential property owners, without a flat fee, no upfront costs, and no cost unless we lower your taxes.

EPCAD Industrial Property Tax Summary

Market Value Industrial Real Property $1,178,757,515.00
Market Value Industrial Personal Property $1,897,866,170.00
Number Industrial Real Property Property Tax Protests 124
Number Industrial Personal Property Property Tax Protests 131.00
$ Value Industrial Real and Personal Protested $1,848,709,823.00
# Lawsuits Filed for Industrial on ARB Values 6.00
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Industrial NA
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Industrial Current Year $55,770,668

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