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El Paso County Appraisal District 2021 Salary Summary

The median salary for an RPA appraiser is $70,000. The highest compensated appraiser, besides the chief appraiser their highest-paid, earned $135,972 annually. In 2021, $150 to $200 was the range of median ARB per diem. The total per diem payments in 2021 for El Paso Central Appraisal District were $374,307.

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EPCAD Salary Summary

Chief Appraiser Salary $195,000
Car Allowance for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Monthly Car Allowance for Chief Appraiser $833
Retirement Package for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Healthcare Package for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Median Salary for RPA Appraiser $70,000
Highest Salary for RPA Appraiser $135,972
Defined Benefit Plan? Yes
Lowest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $150
Median Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $150
Highest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $200