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Harris County Tax Appraisal – 2022

A Board of Directors governs the Harris Central Appraisal District (CAD). Tax entities choose the members of the Harris CAD Board of Directors. The members speak for the taxing bodies, which include counties, cities, special districts, and educational institutions. There are 569 tax entities in Harris County. The chief appraiser is chosen by the board of directors, and the budget (which exceeds $3 million for Harris CAD) is approved. In 2024, this process is changing, with the public having the opportunity to run for position on the board and provide the property owners a voice in the process.

Is Anyone Representing You?

In 2022, the board of directors' members were chosen by the tax entities, and it is their duty to represent the interests of the taxing bodies. At Harris CAD, you are able to represent yourself in appeals. Every year, protests amount to around 26% of the taxable value.

Should you choose not to represent yourself in an appeal, O'Connor may do so. There is no enrollment fee. Make payment only if your property taxes are lowered that year.

With O’Connor you will never miss another property tax deadline again.

Harris County Appraisal DistrictProperty Tax Governance Summary

Number of Members on Board of Directors 6
How Many B of D Members are an Elected Official 5
Frequency of Board of Director Meetings 11
Does B of D have Legal Representation? Yes
Does Chief Appraiser Have Separate Legal Representation? Yes