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Hays County Property Tax Protest - Apartments

Residents in Hays Central Appraisal District filed property tax protests for 100% of apartments by value. There was an increase in the total value of apartments jumping from $994 M in 2014 to $2.49 B in 2021. The multifamily market value was $2.49 B in 2021, and $2.55 B was appealed. There were savings of about $30 M in taxes because of informal hearings and appraisal review board hearings. In addition, there were savings of $2 M in appellate court savings.

In comparison to 23% of residential property owners, 100% of apartment owners appeal their value. Why?

In Hays County, practically all apartment owners protested their value, compared to 23% of homeowners. With multi-unit values increasing dramatically over the past five years, O'Connor’s Property Protection Program™ can help you negotiate the best deal. We don't charge any flat fees or upfront costs, we only charge if we successfully lower your taxes.

HaysCAD Apartments Property Tax Summary

Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments $2,491,490,902
Number Multifamily / Apartment Property Tax Protests 526
$ Value Multifamily/Apartment Protested $2,553,592,904
# Lawsuits Filed for Multifamily / Apartments on ARB Values 24
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Multifamily $622,831,369
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Multifamily Current Year $49,389,269