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Hays County Appraisal District 2021 Salary Summary

The highest compensated appraiser within the Hays Central Appraisal District is paid $66,987, excluding the chief appraiser. Whereas the median payout for a real property appraiser is $50,156. Hays County Appraisal Review Board total per diem payments made to the members in 2021 amounted to $74,645, and the median per diem pay was $150.

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HaysCAD Salary Summary

Chief Appraiser Salary $139,173
Car Allowance for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Monthly Car Allowance for Chief Appraiser $400
Retirement Package for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Healthcare Package for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Median Salary for RPA Appraiser $50,156.00
Highest Salary for RPA Appraiser $66,987.00
Defined Benefit Plan?
Lowest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $150
Median Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $150
Highest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $180