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Johnson County Commercial Property Taxes 2021

The Central Appraisal District of Johnson County total assessment for commercial properties came to $1.20 B in 2021 a 47% increase from 2014 when values were assessed at $817 M.

Single-family home values grew from $5 billion in 2014 to $9.46 billion in 2021, an almost 100% increase.

The total number of appeals for commercial companies amounted to $438 M, for 939 properties filing protests in 2021. This means about 24% of all commercial properties contested their assessed value for 2021.

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JohnsonCAD Commercial Property Tax Summary

Market Value Commercial $1,200,922,977
Number Commercial Property Tax Protests 939
$ Value Commercial Real and Personal Protested $438,588,426
# Lawsuits Filed for Commercial on ARB Values 6
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Commercial $10,448,866
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Commercial Current Year $4,490,459