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TravisCounty Tax Appraisal – 2020

Travis Central Appraisal District's 2020 budget was $20.19 up from $12.69 million in 2011. Travis budget increased 59% over 9 years. The Travis 2020 budget is higher than any other year. The appraisal district budget for 2020 for the next 7 highest budgets are: Dallas $29.4 MM, Tarrant $25.8 MM, Collin $22.8 MM, Travis $20.2 MM, Bexar $18.9 MM, El Paso $16.0 and Fort Bend $15.0 MM. The budget per tax parcel averages about $40.38 over the top seven appraisal districts. The total budget is $168 million and these appraisal districts value 6,881,000 properties. This is an average cost of $35 per property to set noticed values, handle appeal and exemptions.

How Good Can a $35 Value Be?

The appraisal district budgets are substantial, but the attention to the typical property is minimal. Appraisal districts use mass appraisal computer models to set property tax values, but there are errors in the data and the model. These errors provide opportunity for property owners. The model does not account for atypical properties and allow basis for appeal on unequal appraisal. Owners protest about 60% of the total market value of accounts. Owners protest ~81% of commercial property value but only about 18% of homeowners appeal property taxes annually. An annual property tax appeal is important due to the vagaries of the process due to the people factor. Level the playing field by enrolling in the Property Tax Protection Program™. No upfront costs or flat fees. Pay only if you save. Be represented and pay only when we reduce your property taxes that year. Free help with homestead exemptions

Travis County Appraisal District Property Tax Budget Summary

Total Budget $20,193,893
Budget Not Spent NA
Total Property Taxes all Entities $5,097,080,213
CAD Budget as % of Property Taxes 0.40%
Budget for Legal Counsel, Training and Other Expenses $1,201,325