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TravisCAD 2021 GIS / IT Summary

Travis County Property Taxes are based on values noticed by the Travis Central Appraisal District. The total market value of taxable property was $315 billion in 2021, generating an estimated $8 billion in property taxes. Travis Central Appraisal District (Travis CAD) had a budget of $20 MM in 2021 to fully value property in Travis County for a total of over 132 tax entities, including cities, schools, MUDs, and other special districts. There are about 163,122 tax parcels, with many revalued on an annual basis.

Travis CAD has $20 MM to represent county - Who is representing you?

While 93% of multifamily value was protested in 2021 and 77% of commercial BPP was protested, only about 40% of Travis County home owners appeal. You deserve to have someone representing you unless you are appealing on your own. Owners can successfully appeal, but most who do don't appeal annually. Appeally annually is important because the tax appeal process is uncertain due to the human element. Some years appeals exceed expectations while other years are disappointing. We will suit up and show up annually to represent your interests, regardless of your property value. Enroll in the Property Tax Protection Program today. No flat fees. No upfront cost. Pay nothing unless we reduce your property taxes that year. Enroll today; don't miss another deadline.

Travis County Appraisal District GIS / IT Summary

Full-Time Staff for Mapping NA
Full-Time Staff for IT NA
Full-Time Staff for Customer Service NA
Number of Tax Parcels 163,122
$ for Contract Appraisal Services $121,750
$ Computer Aided Mass Appraisal Yes
$ GIS Local System
$ Aerial Photos Yes