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Hays County Appraisal District 2021 Houses Property Tax Protest Summary

The Hays Central Appraisal District collected property tax protests from homes totalling $4.74 B for 2021, out of $20 B in residential property value in 2021. Altogether 23% of the residential properties appealed based on the appraisal district’s noticed value. Owners of higher-priced homes are more likely to dispute than regular homes. 84% of commercial, 100% of apartment, and 80% of utility owners appealed based on their value annually. For them, it is a very effective method.

What is the purpose of appealing annually?

Property tax appeals result in property tax savings about 50-90% of the time. The appraisal district sends out a new value notice every year, and if owners are unhappy with it, they may contest it. If the value is not challenged, it will remain unchanged. In addition to being able to defend your taxes on your own, you are allowed to appeal with a professional tax expert. However, most owners don't appeal on their own. Let our tax consultants assist you with your property tax appeal. Our Property Tax Protection Program™ is free to enroll in.

HaysCAD Houses Property Tax Summary

Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes $20,801,909,449
Number Single Family Property Tax Protests 11,854
$ Value Single Family (Homes, Condo, Townhome) Protested $4,745,941,849
$ Value of Houses Resolved at Informal Protest 9,631
# of Property Tax Protest Hearings for Houses (ARB) 5,093
# Houses with Reduction at ARB Protest Hearing 910
$ Reduction Houses at ARB Protest Hearing $20,318,842
# Lawsuits Filed for Houses on ARB Values 7
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Single-Family / Houses $26,159,925
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Houses Current Year $917,000