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Johnson County Appraisal District 2021 Houses Property Tax Protest Summary

In 2021, there was a property tax protest value of $2.41 M received for residential homes out of $9.46 B. Usually, those who own more expensive homes protest more than those whose homes are less expensive. There were also appeals from 24% of commercial properties, 48% of multifamily properties, and less than 1% of utilities. Due to the fact that it works for them, they consistently appeal every year.

Do you think consistently appealing will work for you?

If you appeal your property taxes every year, you can save on your taxes 70 to 90% of the time. As soon as the appraisal district posts the new number, it remains in effect unless it is protested. Taking action on your own can lead to great results each year. Our team will handle it for you if you're not interested in protesting alone. We offer no upfront costs. No flat fees. You never pay anything until your property taxes are reduced. Become a member of our Property Tax Protection Program™ today!

JohnsonCAD Houses Property Tax Summary

Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes $9,466,114,208
Number Single Family Property Tax Protests 3,744
$ Value Single Family (Homes, Condo, Townhome) Protested $2,417,901
$ Value of Houses Resolved at Informal Protest 810
# of Property Tax Protest Hearings for Houses (ARB) 1,250
# Houses with Reduction at ARB Protest Hearing 587
$ Reduction Houses at ARB Protest Hearing $142,217,965
# Lawsuits Filed for Houses on ARB Values 1
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Single-Family / Houses $10,363,971
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Houses Current Year $1,766,642