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Travis County Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Summary - 2020

Travis Central Appraisal District paid its chief appraiser $220,000 and benefits in 2020. 70 to 80% of Travis Central property owners who protest property taxes are successful despite the staff of about 100 appraisers at Travis Central Appraisal District. The number of valuations is so large relative to the small number of appraisers that property owners can find a basis to successfully appeal their property taxes in most cases. Tax protests saved Travis Central owners $166 million in 2020.

Small Number Appraisers = Opportunity for Property Owners!

Travis Chief Appraiser has served 9 years in 2020. Most accounts are settled informally to avoid the time and cost of an appraisal review board hearing. Enroll in the Property Tax Protection Program™ and be represented by Texas’ top property tax consultant. O'Connor represents the owners of about 250,000 properties in tax appeals annually. No flat fee. No upfront cost. Enroll today and never miss another property tax protest deadline. Stake your claim to the ~$166 million in annual property tax savings in Travis Central.

Travis County Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Summary

TravisCAD Chief Appraiser for 2020
Chief Appraiser Salary $220,000
Receive a car allowance? No
Monthly Car Allowance for Chief Appraiser $0
Retirement Package for Chief Appraiser? Yes
Healthcare Package for Chief Appraiser? Yes
How Many Years has Chief Appraiser Served? 9