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Harris County Property Taxes 2021

A property's worth, including that of land, businesses, and residences, is determined by its market value assessment. The amount of property taxes due from a homeowner is determined by using the assessment. Harris County Property Taxes are based on the market value assessment set by Harris Central Appraisal District (CAD). Harris County property taxes are substantially impacted by commercial and homes/condos/townhouses.

Are You Appealing?

In 2022 Harris County property owners filed protests for $444 billion of the taxable value. However, only 26% of accounts are protested. Almost every year, large commercial property owners appeal their property taxes. For commercial, 56% is protested compared to 39% of houses. Annually property owners of large commercial properties appeal and greatly reduce their property taxes. Most years 85 to 86% of property tax protests are successful. In Texas there is no minimum account size. Enroll today with O’Connor and find out how you can never miss another protest deadline. Enrollment is free, and there are no fees until we lower your property taxes for that particular year.

Harris County Appraisal District Market Value Summary

Market Value All Property $686,565,982,270
Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes $316,031,178,291
Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments $54,800,593,465
Market Value Land $13,849,046,739
Market Value Commercial $131,961,770,736
Market Value Business Personal Property $32,094,174,506
Market Value Utilities $6,389,184,835
Market Value Oil & Gas $103,051,080
Market Value Industrial Real Property $36,523,320,215
Market Value Industrial Personal Property $31,561,930,160
Market Value All Other Property $59,220,231,189