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Midland County Property Taxes 2021

In Midland County, property taxes are calculated based on the market value assessment set by Midland Central Appraisal District. Property values in Midland County are heavily influenced by exemptions and ag lands / open spaces.

Did you appeal this year?

Despite protesting $12 B in taxable value every year, Midland County property owners contest just 5% of accounts. The majority of these protests are filed by large commercial property owners who appeal their commercial property taxes annually, as a matter of fact, 37% of them protest their property tax bill. Contrary to this, only 7% of the properties in Midland County are protested by homeowners. All property owners may benefit from this practice. Between 55 and 95% of protested property gets a reduced taxable value. Taking the time to protest and appeal can result in significant savings for property owners, which is why it is worthwhile to make the effort to file an appeal.

Midland County Appraisal District Property Tax Governance Summary

Market Value All Property $41,373,772,156
Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes $13,370,433,773
Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments $1,439,467,006
Market Value Land $460,269,754
Market Value Commercial $3,561,822,530
Market Value Business Personal Property $1,844,206,052
Market Value Utilities $1,848,439,057
Market Value Oil & Gas $11,710,259,240
Market Value Industrial Real Property $812,824,844
Market Value Industrial Personal Property $4,843,402,400
Market Value All Other Property $879,119,270

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