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Property Tax ElPaso County – 2021

The taxes in El Paso County are calculated based on each property’s final value. Owners In the county protested property that was valued at $18 B in 2021. This accounts for 29% of the total market value. They filed a total of 38,895 protests in 2021, which accounted for 9% of all tax parcels In El Paso. Residential owners protested 13% of El Paso County home values in 2021.

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El Paso County Appraisal District Property Tax Valuation Summary

Number of Tax Parcels 431,181
$ for Contract Appraisal Services $400,000
$ Computer Aided Mass Appraisal $377,595
$ GIS $46,738
$ Aerial Photos $145,000
% of Real Property Parcels Inspected 95.8
Market Value All Property $62,212,054,931
Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes $34,505,576,299
Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments $2,737,370,895
Market Value Land $974,670,327
Market Value Commercial $8,908,645,744
Market Value Business Personal Property $4,080,948,599
Market Value Utilities $1,040,964,361
Market Value Oil & Gas $0
Market Value Industrial Real Property $1,178,757,515
Market Value Industrial Personal Property $1,897,866,170
Market Value All Other Property $6,606,248,636