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Dallas County Central Appraisal District – 2020

Dallas County Tax Protests are heard by the Dallas County Appraisal Review Board. They represent themselves as "separate and apart" from Dallas CAD but receive payroll checks from Dallas CAD. Is it fair to ask someone to be impartial when one of the parties pays their salary? Dallas Central Appraisal District staff are instrumental in scheduling both informal and formal (appraisal review board) protests.

Dallas County Tax Protests Payoff Huge

Total property tax savings from informal and appraisal review board hearings totaled about $700 million in 2020, with about $369 MM as a result of appraisal review board tax protest hearings. Dallas County tax protests generated saving of about $337 million during 2020 through informal settlements with an appraisal district appraiser.

Large owners have a tax consultant. Do You?

Large owners understand property taxes and the vast majority hire third party consultants to appeal their property taxes. Some Fortune 500 firms have inhouse experts but likely 95% of commercial property owners hire a property tax consultant to appeal their property taxes. The reasons are simple: 1) property taxes are a huge expense and 2) recent increases in taxable value have been huge, and 3) most property tax appeals are successful. Home owners save 29% and commercial owners save 72% in 2020.

Would You Volunteer for a Property Tax Increase?

Would you accept a tax bill from the IRS without scrutiny? Unless you are appealing, you are accepting the initial guesstimate value set by Dallas Central Appraisal District. You don't have to have a mansion to have a property tax consultant represent you annually. Enroll today in the Property Tax Protection Program™ and never miss another property tax protest deadline. No flat fees. No upfront cost. No fees for market value reductions that don’t reduce property taxes. Get your share of the ~$700 billion in property tax savings realized through informal property tax appeals and appraisal review board hearings.

Dallas County Appraisal District Appraiser Summary

Number of Appraisal Review Board Members 111
Number New Appraisal Review Board Members 25
% of New Appraisal Review Board Members 23%
Number Returning Appraisal Review Board Members 86
% of Returning Appraisal Review Board Members 77%
Days of Hearings 39
Appraisal Review Board Budget $1,126,519
Lowest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $50
Median Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $125
Highest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem 4200
Attorney Paid to Advise Appraisal Review Board Yes
Did Appraisal Review Board Retain Licensed Appraiser for Training No
On-line Protest System for Appraisal Review Board Yes