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Hays County Central Appraisal District – 2021

The Hays Central Appraisal District has an appraisal review board which hears tax protests. Although they call themselves independent, the district pays them. In 2021, informal and appraisal review board hearings saved about $30 M, and appraisal review board tax protest hearings saved $8.96 M. Around 7,655 ARB hearings were held in front of the Hays Central Appraisal Review Board.

You have the right to appeal.

During appraisal review board hearings in 2021, $8.96 M was generated from protests, along with a value reduction of $332 M. Overall there were appraisal review board tax savings of 19% for property owners. Homeowners had a victory of 18% and a 20% win for commercial companies. To lower their taxes, larger corporations often utilize appeals. For example, 100% of the total value was appealed for apartment complexes, 84% for businesses and business personal property in 2021. While residential owners have a 23% annual appeal average. Having a tax consultant on your side does not require an expensive piece of property. Our Property Tax Protection Program™ will assist you in reducing your taxes on an annual basis.

Hays County Appraisal District Appraiser Summary

Number of Appraisal Review Board Members 7
Number New Appraisal Review Board Members 2
% of New Appraisal Review Board Members 29%
Number Returning Appraisal Review Board Members 5
% of Returning Appraisal Review Board Members 71%
Days of Hearings 158
Appraisal Review Board Budget $129,000
Lowest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $150
Median Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $150
Highest Appraisal Review Board Per Diem $180
Attorney Paid to Advise Appraisal Review Board Yes
Did Appraisal Review Board Retain Licensed Appraiser for Training No
On-line Protest System for Appraisal Review Board Yes