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Hays County Appraisal District 2021 Utility Property Tax Summary

Gas companies and electricity companies that are privately owned are assessed by Hays Central Appraisal District for the taxable values of their properties. A small percentage around 1.1% of Hays County’s taxable property is comprised of utilities, which accounted for $432 M out of $38 B in 2021. About 80% of the utility amount was protested, and most of the time there are no judicial appeals or binding arbitrations.

Someone is representing your interests, right?

Each year, utility companies protest 80% of their appraised amount on their properties, whereas homeowners only protested about 23%. Generally speaking, out of all the appeals made every year, 50 to 90 percent are successful on average. O'Connor will review the county's appraisal district values when you sign up for the Property Tax Protection Program™ and help you appeal your property tax.

HaysCAD Utility Property Tax Summary

Market Value Utilities $432,167,396
Number Utility Property Tax Protests 192
$ Value Utilities Protested $343,975,644
# Lawsuits Filed for Utility on ARB Values 0
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Utility Current Year $0