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Hidalgo County Commercial Property Taxes 2021

According to the Texas Comptroller, commercial property assessments in Hidalgo County totaled $9 B for 2021, up from $6 B in 2014. There has been a 61% increase in the value of Hidalgo single-family residences from $15 B in 2014 to $25 B in 2021. The total amount of commercial property tax appeals in Hidalgo County in 2021 was $8 B. This represents 70% of the total commercial property in the county.

Is it on your mind to file a property appeal?

Each year, the appraisal district sends out a "noticed" value that is final if you don't protest it. That's why every year, 70% of commercial property owners decide to appeal the value of their property. It is quite effective. By becoming a member of the Property Tax Protection Program™ you will never miss another deadline to appeal your property taxes again.

HidalgoCAD Commercial Property Tax Summary

Market Value Commercial $9,261,226,529.00
Number Commercial Property Tax Protests 5,636
$ Value Commercial Real and Personal Protested $8,704,849,439
# Lawsuits Filed for Commercial on ARB Values 32.00
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Commercial $306,148,263
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Commercial Current Year $12,384,525