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HidalgoCAD 2021 GIS / IT Summary

The property tax assessments in Hidalgo County are determined when the Hidalgo County Appraisal District evaluates property values. Tax-generating property valued at $5 B yielded approximately $1 B in tax revenue in 2021. To fully value property in Hidalgo County, the Hidalgo County Appraisal District budgeted $9 M to value real estate responsible for funding over 45 tax entities, including cities, schools, municipalities, and other special districts. In total, there are about 349,061 tax parcels, many of which are revalued annually.

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If you don't appeal alone, you should have an expert represent you. Although many owners succeed in appealing, most do not appeal every year. The tax appeal process can be uncertain, so it is important to appeal annually. It is worth mentioning that 65% of the multifamily value in 2021 was protested and 70% of the commercial properties in 2021 were protested. However, only about 17% of homeowners in Hidalgo County appealed. We will dress up and represent your interests every year, regardless of how much the value of your property is. Don't hesitate to enroll in the Property Tax Protection Program™ today!

Hidalgo County Appraisal District GIS / IT Summary

Full-Time Staff for Mapping NA
Full-Time Staff for IT NA
Full-Time Staff for Customer Service NA
Number of Tax Parcels 349,061
$ for Contract Appraisal Services $260,000.00
$ Computer Aided Mass Appraisal 0
$ GIS 0
$ Aerial Photos $300,000