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JohnsonCounty Tax Appraisal – 2021

Johnson County's budget now stands at $4.11 M with $13 per parcel, a 30% increase since 2013, when the budget was $3.16 million .

How good can a $13 value be?

Even though the district has a lot of money, it doesn't pay much attention to average homes. There's been a problem with the mass appraisal computer models. Johnson County has a 14% protest rate for the total market value and because of these errors property owners have a chance to contest the appraised value. You'll have the opportunity to save money on your property taxes with our Property Tax Protection Program™.

Johnson County Appraisal District Property Tax Budget Summary

Total Budget $4,113,630
Budget Not Spent NA
Total Property Taxes all Entities $344,750,645
CAD Budget as % of Property Taxes 1.19%
Budget for Legal Counsel, Training and Other Expenses $61,572