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JohnsonCAD 2021 GIS / IT Summary

Appraisals conducted by Johnson County determine the county’s property taxes. There was $22 B worth of taxable property in 2021, which accounted for $597 M in property taxes. A budget of $4.11 M was allocated to Johnson Central Appraisal District in 2021 for the full valuation of properties in Johnson County for over 28 tax entities, including municipalities, schools, and other special districts. Many parcels are revalued each year, with 306,500 parcels in total.

Are you being represented by anyone?

The protest rate for multifamily property value in 2021 was 48% and the protest rate for commercial property value was 24%, but less than 1% of the Johnson County residential owners filed appeals. You also have the option of representing yourself if you don’t hire a tax consultant to appeal on your behalf. We at O'Connor are ready to help you with your upcoming tax appeal. Join today and never miss a deadline on your tax appeal.

Johnson County Appraisal District GIS / IT Summary

Full-Time Staff for Mapping NA
Full-Time Staff for IT NA
Full-Time Staff for Customer Service NA
Number of Tax Parcels 306,500
$ for Contract Appraisal Services $286,500
$ Computer Aided Mass Appraisal $88,909
$ GIS $10,200
$ Aerial Photos $58,183