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Montgomery County Property Tax Protest - Apartments

Did you know that apartment owners in Montgomery county protest 94% of the total property value of apartments every year? Between 2014 and 2021, the total value of apartment property rose from $1 B to $3 B. Owners protested $2.8 B in 2021. Property tax savings in total were $88 B in 2021; including informal and appraisal review board hearings. If you could judicial appeals, add more than $105 M.

Why do 94% of Apartment Owners Protest Their Taxes?

Apartment property values increased by 105% since 2014 and 94% of owners protest. For comparison, only a quarter of homeowners protest. Does that seem right to you? O'Connor can represent you professionally to help lower your taxes. There are no upfront costs and you'll only have to pay if we're able to lower your taxes. Up to 80% of protests are successful; get started today.

MCAD Apartments Property Tax Summary

Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments $3,033,539,532
Number Multifamily / Apartment Property Tax Protests 299
$ Value Multifamily/Apartment Protested $2,851,238,572.00
# Lawsuits Filed for Multifamily / Apartments on ARB Values 0
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Multifamily $0
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Multifamily Current Year $0