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MCAD 2021 GIS / IT Summary

In 2021, the total market value of property in Montgomery County, according to Montgomery CAD, was $87 B. That means that property taxes were upwards of $2.3 B in the same year. While Montgomery CAD had a budget of $11 M in 2021 to value properties across 188 tax entities, they can hardly appropriately value all 330,288 tax parcels on that budget.

Their Budget is $11 M - How Can You Save?

Even though 94% of apartments and 85% of commercial properties were protested in 2021, only 26% of homeowners appeal. You should have someone who can represent you and help you to reduce your property taxes. If you appeal every year, you're able to save even more over time. We represent your interests, year after year. Enroll in the Property Tax Protection Program™ to save on your taxes.

Montgomery County Appraisal District GIS / IT Summary

Full-Time Staff for Mapping NA
Full-Time Staff for IT NA
Full-Time Staff for Customer Service NA
Number of Tax Parcels 330,288
$ for Contract Appraisal Services $218,957.00
$ Computer Aided Mass Appraisal $134,400
$ GIS $19,600
$ Aerial Photos $165,000