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Travis County Commercial Property Taxes 2020

Travis County Commercial Property Taxes are estimated to total $59 billion in 2020. The total value of Travis County commercial and personal and property was estimated to be $63 billion in 2020 by Travis Central Appraisal District. The value of commercial / other property fell from $6 billion in 2014, a 89% rise. Lawsuits Filed for Commercial on ARB Values in Travis Central is 992. Travis County commercial property owners filed protests for 10,900 properties in 2020, up 20.5% from 8,659 in 2014.

Area annual property tax protests (by commercial owners) the reason commercial / industrial tax assessments rose 18% while homeowner tax assessments fell 36% in 2020 on comparing 2019.

Is Your Property Being Protested? Paying too much?

The initial "noticed" value from the appraisal district arrives most years. This is a computer-generated guesstimate. It is unlikely anyone has seen your property in twenty years. Their data is imperfect. However, the guesstimate is the final taxable value if you do not protest it. There is a reason 81% of commercial owners appeal, annually. It works. They appeal every year. An annual property tax appeal is automatic with most commercial property owners. Even the odds by engaging a property tax professional to work on your behalf.

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TravisCAD Commercial Property Tax Summary

Market Value Commercial $59,742,184,503
Number Commercial Property Tax Protests 10,900
$ Value Commercial Real and Personal Protested $63,276,936,590
# Lawsuits Filed for Commercial on ARB Values 992
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Commercial $31,052,473,139
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Commercial Current Year $1,034,423,332