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Rockwall County Appraisal District 2021 Houses Property Tax Protest Summary

Rockwall Central Appraisal District received property tax protests in 2021 from owners of $1 billion of houses, out of a total of $11 billion. Fully 16% of houses were protested based on Rockwall CAD noticed value. Owners of more expensive homes are more likely to protest than owners of typical homes. Owners of commercial, apartments and utilities are much more likely to protest. Owners of 75% of commercial, 100% of multifamily and 80% of utilities appealed, based on value. This large portion of utility, commercial and multifamily owners consistently appeal annually for one reason; it works.

Do You Know the Secret?

The secret is simple; owners who appeal their property taxes annually benefit from property tax savings about 55 to 75% of years. The appraisal district puts up a new number most years, and it still unless you protest it. You can protest it on your own successfully, and if you do so annually, you will be successful. My experience over 39 years is that few owners will appeal on their own annually. They have other priorities; property taxes are a despised tax, to be minimized. Let us do it for you if you are not protesting on your own. There are no upfront costs. No flat fees. Never pay anything unless we reduce your property taxes that year. Enroll today in the Property Tax Protection Program; don't miss another property tax protest deadline.

RockwallCAD Houses Property Tax Summary

Market Value Houses / Condos / Townhomes $11,317,366,463
Number Single Family Property Tax Protests 6,643
$ Value Single Family (Homes, Condo, Townhome) Protested $1,843,948,937
$ Value of Houses Resolved at Informal Protest 290
# of Property Tax Protest Hearings for Houses (ARB) 913
# Houses with Reduction at ARB Protest Hearing 585
$ Reduction Houses at ARB Protest Hearing $13,526,191
# Lawsuits Filed for Houses on ARB Values 7
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Single-Family / Houses $5,166,869
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Houses Current Year $0