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Travis County Appraisal District Employee Summary – 2021

Most of the budget for Travis CAD accounts for labor costs. As of 2021, they employ 129 people, which includes 67 appraisers. Their budget actually increased between 2013 and 2021, from $13 M to $20 M. This is a 51% increase! Travis CAD must value 163,122 tax parcels every year. That means they have limited resources to value every property, so they resort to aerial photography. You have an opportunity to appeal your evaluation, based on their valuation model or other errors. Appeals like these save property owners in Travis more than $248 M every year.

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77% of commercial property owners protest their taxes every year because it works. For comparison, only 40% of homeowners appeal their taxes, and that number skews towards the most expensive homes on the market. There are no minimum account values necessary to protest: let O'Connor's Property Tax Protection Program™ help you appeal. We are professional property tax consultants, and we'll never charge you flat fees or upfront costs, and you won't pay at all unless we win!

Travis County Appraisal District Employee Summary

TravisCAD Personnel or Full Time Equivalents FTE
Number of Full-Time Staff 129
Number of Full-Time Appraisers 67
Tax Parcels per Appraiser 2,435
Number of Residential Appraisers 47
Number of Commercial Appraisers 12.5
Full-Time Staff for Exemptions NA
Full-Time Staff for ARB NA
Full-Time Staff for Mapping NA
Full-Time Staff for IT NA
Full-Time Staff for Customer Service NA
Full-Time Staff for Administration NA
TravisCAD Reported salaries Annual salary
Median Salary for RPA Appraiser $63,669
Highest Salary for RPA Appraiser $131,286
Defined Benefit Plan? Yes