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Dallas County Property Tax Protest - Apartments

Apartment owners in Dallas County protest up to 95% of all property taxes for apartments by value. Since 2021, the total value of apartments in the county rose to $47 B, up from $20 B in 2014. Surprisingly $45 B in property taxes were protested in 2021.

Why 95% of Apartment Owners Appeal, While Only 22% of Homeowners Appeal

Apartment values have increased 135% since 2014, and they protest up to 95% of the total value of property taxes. Did you know there is no minimum account value to protest your property taxes? Even the score with O'Connor. You won't have to pay any fees unless we successfully lower your taxes. The Property Protection Program increases the likelihood of a successful appeal up to 85%.

DallasCAD Apartments Property Tax Summary

Market ValueMultifamily / Apartments $47,486,589,090
Number Multifamily / Apartment Property Tax Protests 7,013
$ Value Multifamily/Apartment Protested $45,210,662,960
# Lawsuits Filed for Multifamily / Apartments on ARB Values 752
ARB Value of All Lawsuits Filed for Multifamily $20,169,496,650
$ Reduction Property Tax Lawsuits for Multifamily Current Year $1,242,681,751

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