The intention of the legislature for many years has been that if a property owner or property owner’s agent is scheduled to attend hearings at multiple appraisal districts, the appraisal review board shall reschedule the hearing for the appraisal review board hearing with the later postmark. In other words, the hearing that was noticed first should be attended and the other one shall be rescheduled.

The wording of the statute has been changed to include the word “must” since appraisal districts were denying the changes. The fact that appraisal districts and not appraisal review boards were denying the changes highlights an essential systemic flaw in the Texas Tax Code. The appraisal districts have usurped much of the responsibility given by statute to the appraisal review boards.

This change indicates that the appraisal review board must reschedule the hearing assigned second. If the postmark for both hearings is the same day, the owner can select which to attend and which to reschedule. However, the owner can’t reschedule both of them.

The only requirement to obtain the rescheduled hearing is to send a copy of the hearing notice for the other appraisal review board hearing. It would be wise to include a copy of the postmarked envelope for both hearings when asking one of the appraisal review boards to reschedule the hearing.