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What can you do if normal appeals fail?

Van Zandt County Appraisal District - How to Protest Property Taxes

Typical appeal Most tax appeals have a reasonable to good resolution.  Between the informal hearing and the appraisal review board, there are two opportunities for reasonable people to review evidence. Atypical Case…

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Is it too late to file a protest for 2021?


1) Purchase of commercial property in early 2021 for $1,000,000. The appraisal district has the property valued at $1,500,000. You missed the May 15 appeal deadline. Send the appraisal district a 25.25h…

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Are appraisal districts and ARBs considering COVID?

Will Covid-19 Impact 2020 Tax Valuations In Texas

The short answer is no.  It appears the initial values and hearing results are based on business as normal. Early data from 2021 informal and commercial appraisal review board (ARB) hearings indicate…

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What if you are not pleased with the hearing results for your house?

If O’Connor did your property tax hearing, call us at 713 290 9700, or call us if we did not do your hearing. Determine the type of hearing – Informal hearings can’t…

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Nueces County Residential Values Increase 13.1%

Nueces County Residential Values Increase

Property tax assessments for homes were increased by 13.1% for the tax year 2021, based on a review of 13,299 homes valued by the Nueces Appraisal District.  Homes valued at $1 million…

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