Are you thinking about the taxes you need to pay for this year are quite high when compared to the previous year? Then you need to check whether your property is assessed properly. Here is a brief idea of property tax assessment and how to appeal it properly.

What is a property tax assessment?

Since property taxes are the main source of income for the government, The cost of services provided by the government is primarily acquired from the property taxes paid by homeowners. Every year many homeowners get a bill but they are not aware of how the calculation is done. Here is a simple example to help you understand the assessment value.

House A has a value of $250,000. The cost of services for that year is $1000. The government calculates the tax rate by assessing all the properties in the town. In this case, we can consider the tax rate as 0.15%. The tax rate for house A is given as

250,000 * 0.15 = 375.00

The property tax bill for house A is $375.

The property tax value is based on the location of the property, square feet, property type, year built and includes the exemptions that you are qualified for. The assessment also analyzes the purpose of your property such as commercial or residential. If you think your taxes are quite high, then you can formally request your local tax authority for reassessment. 

How to formally appeal for property tax assessment?

how to formally appeal for property tax assessment

There are three important steps you need to consider when you are planning for a property tax assessment. They are to

File all your evidence

The evidence will help you build a stronger case so make sure you have all the necessary documents to justify your property tax assessment is quite high. Some of the evidence you need is the purchase price of the property, comparables of property value, square feet calculation, etc. Sometimes there are chances for the value to be mathematically wrong, so you can point out such miscalculated values too.

Submit your appeal

For submitting your appeal, you might need to write a formal letter to the assessor’s office. You can also submit your appeal by filling the necessary form.

Follow up regularly

Patience is the key! You might have already seen how busy an assessor’s office is. So, it might take some time for your assessment to be noticed. Keep on checking your mailbox for replies or any letters from the assessor’s office.

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