Travis County is freezing residential values while raising commercial property values, due to insufficient information to value single family.

Travis County Appraisal District Announcement: Our office is currently closed to in-person transactions. Property owners are encouraged to utilize online resources to conduct TCAD-related business.

In light of recent concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), all residents should know about the precautions we are taking to ensure that our employees and Travis County property owners stay healthy. As a result of these efforts, staff availability may be limited during this period. We appreciate your patience.

Personal Property Rendition Deadline extended until May 15.

  • Email: Property owners can submit requests and applications by emailing us at
  • Phone: Property owners can reach our customer service department by calling us at 512-834-9317.
  • Office Dropbox: Property owners can drop off documents at the secure dropbox available outside our office (8314 Cross Park Drive).

[End of Travis County Appraisal District official announcement.]

There is no announcement regarding when Travis County Appraisal District will set noticed values. However, as of April 18, 2020, at least some 2020 noticed values are available on the Travis County Appraisal District website.

Travis County property owners are URGED to file a protest by May 15, 2020.

Do not wait to receive the 2020 notice of assessed value. You have to file a protest by law to get the FREE appraisal district Hearing Evidence Package.

YOU MUST FILE A 2020 PROTEST TO OBTAIN THE FREE TRAVIS COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT HEARING EVIDENCE PACKAGE. The appraisal district will send it to you free by mail: 1) if you file a protest and 2) if you request it.

Noticed values are not available on the appraisal district’s website for 2020 as of April 18, 2020.
Property owners are URGED to file a property tax protest by May 15 to guarantee their right to the Travis County Appraisal District Hearing Evidence Package. The Travis County Appraisal District Hearing Evidence Package is FREE and available from the appraisal district. However, YOU MUST file a property tax protest to obtain your Hearing Evidence Package. It usually contains data to support a reduction in your value!

Property Owner Notification

Owners of business personal property in Travis County, Texas are warned that completing the Travis County Appraisal District form as requested is not a good idea. It will likely cause you to pay double the correct level of property taxes. I feel so strongly about this I wrote the book (What You Need To Know About Personal Property Valuation) listed below and available on Amazon.

Business owners are warned not to complete the rendition form in the manner requested by the appraisal district. Doing so will roughly double your Business Personal Property (BPP) taxes. For professional assistance in preparing your business personal property tax rendition, visit us

BPP consultations are free. You can also call: 713 375 4399

Frequently Ask Question: Will Covid-19 or $20 Oil Impact Travis County Property Taxes?

Short answer is NO. Travis County Appraisal District (TAD), for purposes of property taxes, will not consider Covid-19 or $20 oil prices, due to the January 1, 2020 valuation date. Travis Central Appraisal District will give no relief in 2020 for either Covid-19 or $20 oil. To be fair to Travis Central Appraisal District, they do not have discretion in reducing values for hardship.

Travis property taxes:

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